Methods of teaching:
Elimination of language barriers;
Emphasis on the development of communication skills;
Different courses: business English, spoken English, English of IT technologies;
Training for easy communication with native speakers;
Individual approach with regard to different language levels;
Individual and group studies. Preference is given to commercial organizations and professionals who want to improve their knowledge of English for the purpose of promotion.

American TESOL Expert certification: Advanced TESOL, TESOL for Children, and TESOL for Business


• Consulting Solutions. Net Customer Support Tech (190 Credit hours)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (expected graduation 2011)
• Kaplan University, 120 hours, consistently on Dean’s List and President’s List
• Certificate in Automotive Technology

INSTALLER, Broadband Telecommunications, Austin, Texas
Worked independently and as team member installing telecommunications systems and components in residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

• Hooked up networked communications systems, including digital telephones, television, cable, high-speed Internet, and wireless computer systems.
• Troubleshot problems and resolved technical issues.
• Created spreadsheets using MS Word and Excel in support of the payroll department.
• Trained approximately 12 people in performing technical installations and in customer service technique.
• Interacted with customers; represented company professionally.


Svetlana Banks  

International journalistic courses, MSUPA (Moscow State University of Printing Arts), a specialist in book business, Kingston University: Master of Business Administration in E-Business.

In classes I help if it is difficult for student to understand the English language at the beginning - I translate and explain.