General courses 
Classes are held by using such methods as games, video and audio recordings that help to improve memorization and understanding of the material. Direct communication to a variety of topics helps to break the language barrier and develops communication skills. 

Group courses 
Classes are available in groups of 2 to 6 people, thanks to what the price is greatly reduced for each student. Throughout the course an individual approach to each student is applied. 

One-to-one lessons 
Choosing individual lessons, and you can study with maximal comfort. An individual approach to each student and taking into account his features allows to learn the language with gusto and efficiency. This teaching method also includes the possibility to learn the language of the chosen topic from the perspective of personal, cultural or professional preferences. For example, English for Lawyers, Banking and Finance, Tourism, Restaurant Management, Hotel management, etc. 

English speaking courses 

An ideal option for those who want to master skills in speaking qualitatively and in a short time. A modern communicative approach helps to quickly break down the barriers in communicating in a foreign language. 

English with coffee

Corporate courses 
We offer various programs for corporate clients. 

Business English 
English language courses for business people who need foreign language for work, as well as a means to move up the career ladder. Basic skills of business correspondence, rules of business communication, etc. Interesting materials, a variety of topics will help to gain all the skills, nuances and peculiarities of business English  and gain vocabulary required for a full business communication with foreign partners. 

Intensive courses 
Intensive English language courses take into consideration your individual characteristics. We are ready to find you the best rate, timestudies, training programs and methods that will contribute quickly to your learning the material. 

International exams preparation courses 
A specialized foreign language course is aimed at preparing for international exams TOEFL, IELTS. The course's program is made with all the exam requirements and structural changes in the test. 

Children groups 
Any foreign language and its study helps the child to develop versatile, so classes in foreign language for children are becoming more and popular. We turn the process of learning a foreign language in an exciting game for your child with using the latest developments, educational games, modern literature, visual, audio and video materials.

Game learning