World Kissing Day

Kiss - is when two souls meet each other with the tips of the lips.

Shy, gentle, passionate ... how many shades of unique concern is there to this aspect of love - a kiss! Invisibly and mysteriously is touching and merging of souls in touch with quivering lips. But kissing is not only for young lovers, or for people who kiss their sons and daughters, or mothers and fathers kiss their children, but still love each other whether you are a couple or married. In any case, a kiss - a tender expression of love is to your dear man, or your beautiful woman..

Action, This has become such a beloved and popular action that in the UK, they have allocated even a day in the year, July 6, which was celebrated as World Day kiss (World Kiss Day or International Kissing Day).

However, a kiss can hurt, betray, deny ... If it was only a form, if not the feelings – is it not cheating? When playing with you through certain actions, words and touch - is not used, do not change, do not betray, then?

"Do not ever get used to love!...  Do not ever get used to his lips" -  the words of a poem by Edward Assad.  Let a kiss always be the first time kiss- sensual and sincere.


I hope all my students have a wonderful holiday on this day and I will be waiting for you for my lessons, which will help you express your feelings more free and full!