Why I became a teacher

I think back to the time when I was in school and I remembered some of the teachers I had, I realized that I had many good and many bad teachers.  It seemed to me that I learned a lot more from the good teachers.  When I started to teach people English, I would reflect on the teachers that were good and inspired me by saying, “You can be what you want to be if you try.

I started to teach people English, because I did not like to see them sitting by themselves and not being able to talk to colleagues, or bosses.  It amazed me that no matter where any of us go in the world, we are all the same.  As the people I taught became better at English, it seemed like a good accomplishment for me and a great accomplishment for the people I taught.

I sit here now and think of some reasons I like being a teacher and here are some of the reasons:

  • I like to see the students have the great accomplishment of overcoming the fear of talking another language.
  • I like when people are also able to understand what is being said to them and thoughts, dreams, feeling, etc. can be expressed.
  • As a teacher, I like to see the students become great at speaking English.
  • It brings me great satisfaction to see students have fun, learn, and also be happy when they grasp for more knowledge.
  • I also became a teacher because I care and I know how it feels for start from scratch.  I am a teacher, but I am also a student myself and I want to be able to speak another language as perfect as I want my students to speak English!