How I found my wife

One day in May of 2010, I was looking for some tires for my motorcycle.  I was living in America at the time.   I clicked on some tires that I wanted to buy and I was sent to a site that had many women on it.   There were many women from Russia, Ukraine, and some other countries.  I thought since I was on the site I would look to see what kind of women were on the site.  As I looked for many days, I saw a photo of a very very beautiful woman.  Her name was Svetlana Morshatskaya at the time.  I was afraid to write to her, but I received enough courage to write to her introducing myself. 

I did not know if she would answer me, but I thought for sure that she would not answer.  To my surprise Svetlana answered me and introduced herself.  We sent letters to each other for a couple of days and I decided to send to her a photo of me so she could see who she was talking to.  I know that she did not speak to much English and that she used a translator to talk to me in English, but I did not mind, because I was talking to the most beautiful woman in the world.  After a few weeks went by, she introduced me to the Russian facebook and we started to send each other letters on there to and than I was introduced to Skype.  I thought to myself that now I will be able to see here beautiful face and to hear her beautiful voice. 

After a few months we talked about many things and also marriage.  So we decided that I should go to Belarus to meet her and her parents to get blessings.   For me this was the scariest thing in the world, because I would go to another country and not be able to speak the native language and did not know if anybody would like me.  Everything went great and I was able to stay for 30 days.  We decided that in a few months I would go back to Belarus and also receive all the documents that I needed before I arrived again so we were able to get married.  I returned 5 months later and we after a few months were married.  Now we have been married for 8 months.  Living in Belarus is not as bad as I thought it would be and I like it here. 

...I never did buy those motorcycle tires that I was looking for.