Game learning

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.    Disney, Walt

Even in ancient Greece, people had noticed that the knowledge taught in a playful way, was absorbed faster than boring memorization. Play for your child always has the nature of learning, even if it looks only as entertainment. Repeating what you have learned can train the memory, but will not disclose individual student's abilities as it makes the game improvisation. In addition, when a student and teacher plays they become closer and the student will be able to learn quicker.

There is no need to force a child to do what he likes to do, especially if what they learn is interesting. Also with an adult - books, movies, any hobbies - and they’re ready to spend a lot of money and all their spare time, just to do their favorite thing. That is why in the game learning skills are acquired naturally and unobtrusively. Activity and emotional involvement helps people open up and freely express their thoughts and actions. In the form of a game of knowledge and skills are passed as if indirectly, the teacher does not require the student’s attention and they are not afraid of his need for evaluation.

Given all this, we have developed special courses for children of all ages, as well as for adults, where the teaching material are just fun and games. The games help to overcome the language barrier that develops students' initiative, perseverance, imagination. A creative approach to making each of these classes is really unique.

The course consists of three modules. Each module of five lessons. The main purpose of this course is to remove the language barrier, and familiarity with the English language alive. Acquired in the course of employment skills will help you to understand spoken English to participate in the conversation, if the person is ready to repeat some words slowly, as well as ask and answer simple questions on these. After class, you remember certain phrases and idioms, and will be able to tell us about yourself and your hobbies.

The cost of this course for children - $209, for adults - $249.