English with coffee


You want to know English, but you are tired of school? Excellent! We invite you just to talk to native speaker on a variety of topics about themselves, food, what is fashionable or what is good to read. Free dialogue! And you'll be surprised how easily and quickly you will master the English language. You will not be bored of course, and most importantly, you will hear the undistorted pronunciation of the English language, because it is the teachers native language.

We will communicate in English with pleasure, with a cup of coffee and slippers (no, not the cup in slippers, we are in slippers), because people will not need to go anywhere - Skype will allow us to see and hear each other at any time we want. Call! Shiloh Banks American (Certified TESOL) will introduce you to a real English, and treat you to cookies with coffee.

E-mail: info@teacher-online.info

Skype: teacher-online.info


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30 min

60 min

29 у.е.

69 у.е.


30 min

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41 у.е.

96 у.е.


30 min

60 min

65 у.е.

130 у.е.


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60 min

120 у.е.

240 у.е.