It is unlikely that you will remember at least one skill or ability, are able to learn only from books and textbooks. You can not learn to drive a car as long as you sit behind the wheel and not feel the road under the wheels, gently circling all roadside poles. Do not become a good housekeeper and did not learn to cook until all the recipes are only in books. Similarly, you can not speak a foreign language as long as they do only with textbooks. You need to hear and speak the English language with the English or with people who speak English as native language! At first timidly and with errors, but to say!

Linguists and psychologists have long recognized that the most effective method of teaching foreign languages ​​is a variant of immersion. However, not everyone can afford to go to England or the U.S., live there for two years and the full plunge into the medium of English. Meanwhile, the need to not only understand the English language, but also occasionally to speak English has now become relevant even for those people who are still safely treated only mother tongue. In daily life has long included such novelties as computers, laptops, cell phones, smart phones, which, of course, be localized, but sometimes it looks quite strange and even ridiculous. For example, the name of the main menu items can be written in Russian, while all other options and sub-menus are identified by their original English name. And employers are increasingly prefer candidates who are fluent in a foreign language. This requirement applies even where there is a direct responsibility of man will not enter negotiations with the English-speaking customers or partners, but as they say, just in case.

English classes are available in home schooling. Internet, new programs and technology has greatly expanded the possibilities of man. Enrolling in our courses, you will be able not just to repeat once again the grammar, but you can talk (just talk to and in dialogue form to hone knowledge of English words) English-speaking teacher, for whom this language is native. These classes will ensure that on completion of the course your «How do you do?» To be well understood in any English speaking country and you do not have to explain to his fingers, what exactly did you mean sellers in shops, taxi drivers or employee our reception at the hotel.